Even though soccer is a very popular sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world, it is still very difficult to make football correct score predictions. While predicting the outcome of a football game is tricky enough, talking about the correct score can be too challenging to even hazard a guess. Yet correct score betting is one of the most popular betting types in soccer betting.


What is correct score betting

The correct score bet needs the punter to make an accurate prediction of the outcome of a game of soccer. Literally this translates into saying that the final score would be 1-1, 1-0, 0-1 or 0-0.  Due to the risks involved in the same, the odds offered by the bookmakers are also very high. This makes football correct score predictions a very entertaining, challenging and rewarding form of football betting for the punters. The fact that it is almost impossible to predict the correct score makes it so challenging that no punter is able to get away from its lure.


Working of a correct score bet

The best part of a correct score bet is that if the punter is able to make a right guess by any chance, the high odds offered by the bookies make it extremely rewarding for the punter. This monster profit makes football correct score predictions so exciting and alluring that it is difficult for the punter to get away from its trap.



In order to be able to predict the scores correctly, the punter needs to have:

  • A certain amount of statistical astuteness,
  • A thorough knowledge of the game and
  • Mathematical know-how to be able to even stand a chance at making some correct predictions.

Some strategies which can be of great assistance in the prediction of the same are:

  • Poisson distribution: Technically speaking the Poisson distribution is a good way of making football correct score predictions. In this method the equation is able to determine the probability of the occurrence of a certain number of events within a set time period. In order to determine the same, this method uses past data and analyses it to come up with a good probability. But one thing that needs to be noted here is that in order to succeed while using this strategy, the data pool used should be large and absolutely up to date.


  • Game knowledge: While the above strategy is certainly definitely good but without a thorough knowledge of the game of soccer being currently played or scheduled for a future date, it would be very difficult to get make perfect football correct score predictions every time. This is because when statistics of the game are considered, player injuries, weather conditions, team changes etc., which tend to have a psychological effect on the team members is not taken into consideration. The Poisson distribution only deals with cold facts while the actual game is a culmination of all factors, statistical, physical, psychological, environmental etc.


Correct score prediction tips

While the above strategies complement each other, depending on them only will never enable a punter to predict football scores correctly. They need to be aided by certain other factors like:

  • Spreading the bets: It is always better to bet on more than one scores. This bet spreading is a very practical method of getting some added insurance but if the punter is really unlucky, he can end up losing all his money is all the football correct score predictions that he has made prove to be wrong. Thus, when spreading bets, it always helps to calculate the odds and make an intelligent decision.


  • Backing favourites: The odds set by the bookmakers are generally based on certain mathematical calculations and predictions as well as public sentiment. Hence, it always pays to heed to public sentiment. If a team happens to be a favourite of the crowd, there is a high chance that the team will get the crowd advantage and consequently win the game. Crowd support provides a huge moral advantage and thus should not be taken lightly. Thus, in making football predictions it is always wiser to go with the favourite team rather than bet on the underdogs.




  • Playing in the lower leagues: Correct score betting has a way of becoming more profitable as one goes down towards the lower leagues. The games being played in the top leagues get a huge media coverage and thus it is quite difficult to come across good value odds. For these top leagues, bookies spend a ridiculous amount of time to ensure that the odds set have no anomaly or discrepancy in them. The availability of value odds and the probability of making football correct score predictions correctly is much more in the lower leagues.


  • Safe bets: There are certain soccer bets which are considered to be safer. But these safe bet football correct score predictions should only be done by the experienced and advanced punters. This is because they are much more capable of understanding the mathematics of the situation and analysing statistical data regarding every aspect of the game which has the potency to cause an upset in the game. However, for over/under betting markets, a punter does not have to put in too much of hard painstaking work. Thus, these safe bet options make for an ideal match with all types of punters. Herein, bookmakers predict a certain score of goals that are slated to take place in an ongoing match and punters have to make football correct score predictions as to whether the actual goals scored will be:
    • Over the predicted goal mark or
    • Below the predicted goal mark.

This type of betting also offers longer odds which appear infinitely more attractive than just making a prediction as to who will win the game.  Thus these safe bet options also make for great football correct score predictions.

Every wager placed in soccer betting requires a certain amount of concentration and research to convert it into a success. While it does not mean that a punter has to pore over the statistics every second it gets, the results which bring profits justify all the hard work that a punter puts in.