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1. JACK AIEDEN 3882 2.31 87.58% 3400 43 426 +134,176.97 345.64%
2. MARKOS SPYROS 5597 2.17 87.17% 4879 138 564 +163,127.74 291.46%
3. AKASUKI 3214 2.33 87.03% 2797 37 370 +32,927.93 102.45%
4. GHISLAIN THOMAS 5602 2.18 86.95% 4871 108 611 +162,959.22 290.89%
5. HARRIS JIMMY 4405 2.19 86.79% 3823 98 471 +130,196.10 295.56%
6. FELIPE MAJOR 3089 2.32 86.63% 2676 39 362 +138,651.39 448.86%
7. GERALD SCOTT 3342 2.32 86.54% 2892 41 398 +135,191.40 404.52%
8. ERIC WONG 3185 2.32 86.44% 2753 47 374 +129,362.53 406.16%
9. HENRIK ERHARD 4417 2.19 86.39% 3816 93 496 +140,481.29 318.05%
10. JOHN LEON 2885 2.32 86.17% 2486 42 345 +126,500.36 438.48%
11. FINLEY FEZA 3154 2.34 86.11% 2716 46 377 +134,491.23 426.41%
12. JACOB WATERMAN 3450 2.19 86.00% 2967 76 387 +123,941.92 359.25%
13. CHRIS LASO 2969 1.92 85.85% 2549 87 326 +131,059.00 441.42%
14. FREDERICK NEWTON 3286 1.91 85.73% 2817 120 339 +139,311.72 423.96%
15. HAYROLD RON 3687 2.18 85.63% 3157 77 437 +135,584.53 367.74%
16. KIM DAICHI 3625 2.18 84.97% 3080 79 451 +124,030.50 342.15%
17. SIXTEN AKE 2701 1.92 84.75% 2289 99 306 +107,876.75 399.40%
18. ALEX LEE 2385 2.31 83.90% 2001 32 345 +22,611.65 94.81%
19. ALBERTO ESPINOZA 1321 2.20 81.00% 1070 41 199 +85,131.72 644.45%
20. HAROLD RON 1270 2.14 80.31% 1020 33 194 +91,192.07 718.05%
21. KOUICHI 862 2.29 77.38% 667 11 170 +75,822.86 879.62%

Sure Win Soccer Predictions

Welcome to verifiedsoccertipster directory page!

We are a group of people passionate about soccer. We are a grouping of people obsessive about soccer betting. In 2010 we created website in order to assist betting players to have all probability in their support.

Ever since hundreds of thousands of players all approximately the world have bound us with love and confidential our betting forecasts. Our commune is immensely increasing.

You will find the customary prognostic data here. Our team of experts uses a unique model based on statistics, physics, and mathematics to analyze betting games and present the prognostic data on a daily basis.

Verifiedsoccertipster’s statistical representations have been experienced in a vast number of soccer games, present reliable results and consequently guarantee high revenues. The rates per day may present related variations, however, the monthly and annual average always remain at high levels. The sure win soccer tips team has one goal, to help the professional or amateur player with the advantages provided by our special statistical model.

Soccer betting guide analyses and provide statistical advantages to the players; however, it goes without saying that the final decisions and strategies implemented by them are their sole responsibility. For more information, please read the conditions of use carefully.

Find sure win soccer philosophy and the advantages of the statistical model:

We need to point out that soccer prognostic data is a very difficult task as in soccer, more than any other sport, the element of surprise waits. We consider those betting requirements to contract with the highest consequence: there are no gurus or absolute success. On the other hand, statistics is an influential tool that cannot be mistreated as it can be used as a valuable “scope” as to where the scales of each game will tip and exploit the probability of achievement with sure win soccer tips.

That is what we offer you here!

Sure win soccer tip’s arithmetical replica has the individuality of importance the dangers hiding in numerous games that are marked no bet and dicey on the one hand, and, on the former hand, decide the games where one of the teams has the odds in its favor.

We have to say again that our prognostic data are one of a kind. The stronger soccer teams do not always win just as the weak ones do not always lose. We can track the catch at a very high level. Using our statistic model we do not only point out the opportunities but also the games to be avoided, the ones with very high betting risks. Mark that sure win soccer tips value representation comprises logical possessions of sure win soccer predictions. Consequently, the methodology implied is top secret and not inform. We are including!

Indeed, a sure win soccer prediction is the soccer betting website that counts its results. With an everyday presentation of the guide model’s presentation, the visitors can formulate their personal decision on who assume the best predictive information. We do not boast about each little achievement, nor do we hide our disappointment: numbers speak for themselves!

When it comes to excitement, no other sport comes close to Soccer. But if you actually desire to occurrence a shot of pure adrenaline then aims online betting on a soccer match! From tetchy the highs following a winning goal to feeling the lows of a devastating red card – every moment is augmented when you have a bet be carried on the soccer match.

Now there is no doubt that with so many variables, betting on sport is risky business. But through the accurate soccer prediction site, you can be sure of making your bets based on further than presently your raze feeling.

Sure win soccer, one of the highest soccer prediction sites on the World Wide Web, offer the mainly modernized and well-researched soccer betting tips, winning objective predictions and soccer players picks to its associate.

Sure win soccer is not a betting site, but it can help you keep your winning streak going strong through accurate and existing soccer predictions. And by the present, we signify you will get today’s soccer tips fresh off the ball.

As one of the world’s largest online sports entertainment platform, we live and breathe the world of Soccer. Our love for the game is showcased in the form of the vast amount of information and services we are constantly churning out for our fans - blogs, news, predictions, betting tips for today, fixtures and a whole range of sport-related programs as well as our flagship In-Play Live Streaming service which gives our members minute-by-minute sports betting news.

Enter the magical world of sure win soccer bet data! Join us, keep on tuned and keep check with verifiedsoccertipster's betting analytical data.


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