Sports betting is quite an interesting field with soccer betting making it extremely popular and tricky. The dynamics of the field and the strategies involved in setting the odds make soccer betting a challenge, few can ever resist. This is more so because the game of football is by itself very popular with most people having an intrinsic understanding of the same.

Soccer betting also involves many different types of bets with punters having ample opportunity to score a hit on the bets that they make. Of all the bets that are popular in a soccer game, the 1X2 betting concept is the most popular. This is because:

  • It is easy to understand,
  • 1X2 football predictions are easily available,
  • Getting a website to bet on 1X2 football is quite common and
  • Chances of winning are also quite high.

Strategy guide for 1X2 betting

Punters generally opt for 1X2 football betting because it offers the best value and consequently the best results. Since everyone involved with betting in any form is out there to make money, the more or less standard strategy of 1X2 football betting makes it ideal for novices, beginners and experienced punters. The basic concept behind this betting strategy is to place a bet for either a home win, a draw or an away win. With the help of 1X2 football predictions that are generally available online mostly for free, adopting a winning strategy in this field is rather quite easy.




Some points which every punter should remember when opting for 1X2 football batting are:

  • Only one outcome needs to be chosen even though in the betting game of double chance 2 out of the 3 concepts need to be chosen and the betting strategy of no draw the outcomes get reduced to 2,
  • Have a good and thorough knowledge about the game of soccer like:
    • How the players are set on the field,
    • Which player plays in which position,
    • What are the different penalties that are awarded,
    • When can a player be replaced,
    • How to score a goal,
    • What is half time, the total game time,
    • What happens in case of a draw etc.
  • Finding out the best odds by visiting various bookie websites so that a punter is able to search for value which can be synced with the 1X2 football predictions he receives from tipsters,
  • Never letting the heart rule the head which effectively translated into a blind faith in the team which happens to be the punters favourite,
  • The bookmaker with whom the punter deals with needs to be good and trustworthy and
  • Ensuring that the betting limit set by the punter is never breached even if he has suffered losses or essentially good accounting needs to be facilitated.

In order to build-up a good strategy for 1X2 football betting it is very important to bet in markets which are very familiar to the punter. Of course the punter can bet in new markets, but he needs to conduct a lot of research and get a very thorough idea of the same before even venturing into this field there. This also includes having sufficient knowledge about the teams and their strategies for playing etc. There are times when a 1X2 football predictions tipster might have inside information which he passes on to the punter and the punter then places the bet accordingly. But in this case, the tipster has to be one who can be trusted and with whom the punter has worked before.

1X2 betting is all about finding value and hence the outcome to bet on needs to be selected very carefully. But when the odds are close, this form of betting is the best form to gain good profits from a higher chance of winning.

Ease of understanding and the availability of good 1X2 football predictions make 1X2 football the bet to focus on. With football throwing up all sorts of statistics and numbers, it is not very difficult to research on a current game scheduled to take place. With a little effort punters can capitalize on their knowledge and correctly predict the outcome of the game thereby enabling them to win big.


Lay and back bets

These are two types of bets wherein the strategy differs a bit when it comes to 1X2 football betting. For a back bet it is a simple matter of selecting the stronger team so that the punter wins and the bookmaker pays out the profits.

For the lay bet, however, the punter always has to bet on the underdog not winning the game. In case of a win by the underdogs, the punter pays out like a bookmaker but in case of a loss, the punter gets the payment.

What is a value bet

All 1X2 football predictions talk of something known as the value bet. Thus, in order to understand the 1X2 betting format, one needs to first understand the meaning of a value bet. The value bet is placed when a punter thinks that the bookmaker has got his odds absolutely wrong. It is definitely risky to go against a bookies prediction but if the punter is confident enough to have his logic backed by reasoning and statistical proofs, it can be extremely rewarding to place a value bet when a bookie has undervalued a wager.

In case of 1X2 betting since the profits are dependent on the outcome, a value bet becomes a very lucrative option. In fact there are times when the bookmaker actually undervalues a wager and if the punter is able to see through it or if he has been fortunate enough to get good 1X2 football predictions stating this, then a value bet is the only form of bet the punter should place. It will earn him dividends which are beyond his imagination.

1X2 betting is a very interesting concept; one that creates a lot of opportunities for winning. It depends on the effort that the punter is willing to put in since the more effort he puts into backend research and getting good 1X2 football predictions the better are his chances of winning.